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Pedal Power: Theo's Cycling Adventures

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

In this story, Petra shares son Theo's cycling adventures during lockdown covering an amazing 3,278 miles!

Petra says, "It is exactly a year since Theo had his first ride of lockdown. Since then, with dad as escort, Theo, who has Fragile X, has cycled the lanes of North Yorkshire and County Durham and is now as fit as a butchers dog! He’s worn out one bike and three bells, and he’s covered an amazing 3,278 miles. He’s worked out where tearooms, sweetshops, pie shops and fish and chip vans are located so he’s always able to refuel, and he’s delighted that his new onboard computer tells him the temperature at any given moment. He enjoyed last year’s warm spring which left him with a tan deeper than a Spanish holiday but he probably liked the wet winter better as there were loads of flooded roads which he tackled with a “yee-hah” as the bow wave broke over his overshoes. Never mind. And, in his own quiet way, he’s really pleased when people ask him about his mileage and he’s really proud of what he has achieved."

Thank you so much, Petra and Theo, for sharing your story and for covering so many miles on your bike!


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