100+ Club

Join today for a chance to win monthly cash prizes, whilst supporting the Fragile X Society!

Our 100+ Club has been running for many years, and is a great way to support our work

There are 11 monthly prizes of:

4 x £20, and bumper December prizes of: 1 x £100 and 2 x £50

Every entry is assigned a unique number and entered into a monthly draw.  Winners drawn each month win a prize of up to £100!  Each entry costs £20 per year (which goes directly to supporting our work).  You can sign up to have multiple entries and be in with an even bigger chance of winning!  As well as the chance of a prize, the regular income from our subscribers is so valuable for helping us to continue our work.


The subscription year runs from 1st May to 30th April.  (You are very welcome to join at a later date, but your number(s) will be entered into the draws for the remainder of the subscription year only).  


We rely on generous donations and are so grateful to all of our 100+ Club supporters.


Good luck to all our entrants in the monthly draws!  We will email you to request your bank details for BACS transfer if you are a lucky winner, so please ensure you provide your email address.  


Our rules are as follows:


  • The  subscription year will run from 1st May to 30th April.

  • Draws take place each month. 

  • You may have any number of subscriptions provided that a separate subscription is paid for each. 

  • One draw number will be allocated per subscription paid.

  • Anyone winning in one month shall continue to be eligible for prizes during subsequent months. 

  • A prize will only be paid to the person to whom the winning number has been given.

  • Subscriptions do not qualify for Gift Aid. 

How do I join?

Joining is simple!  Simply complete the secure online form  below and enter your contact and payment details.


You may purchase as many subscriptions as you wish at £20 each - just select the appropriate option below.  


Every pound donated via subscriptions to the 100+ Club makes a real difference, for which we are very grateful.