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The Fragile X Society has produced a wide range of information and resources about Fragile X to support you and your family. We offer different types of resources ranging from brief introductory leaflets to more in-depth booklets and publication papers.


Suitable for both professionals and families alike, we provide resources covering topics such as genetic counselling, prenatal testing, Fragile X Premutation Associated Conditions (FXPAC), behavioural characteristics, communication, education and sensory processing. Explore the categories below to find a variety of information and support on Fragile X syndrome.


We provide a small amount of materials in alternative formats and languages (such as Hindi and Urdu). If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please get in touch with our Families and Professionals Advisors for personalised support.


Alternative Formats

We are more than happy to provide alternative formats of any of our resources. Please request the format you need by emailing or filling out our contact form.

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