The Fragile X Society's Publications 

The Fragile X Society has produced a wide range of information about Fragile X.  We have different types of publications which vary in length and depth of information. 

Fragile X Society Leaflets

Our leaflets give brief introductory information about Fragile X, useful for people who are new to Fragile X Syndrome, or for those who only have a passing interest in Fragile X (such as for fundraising or awareness raising)

Booklets provide more in-depth information about Fragile X and may be useful for some professionals who need to obtain a detailed grasp of the issues surrounding Fragile X.

Fragile X Society: Library of Publication Papers

Our publication papers are suitable for both professionals and for families as they comprise a vast library of papers giving detailed information covering specific areas (such as genetics, behaviour, carriers, communication, sensory processing, girls and women, education, adolescence and adulthood, health, wills and trusts, and welfare benefits; etc.).

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