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Genetics Resources​

The following genetics resources offer further information about prenatal testing for Fragile X Syndrome and genetic counselling to support you and your family.


If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please get in touch with our Families and Professionals Advisors for personalised support.


Importance of Genetic Counselling

Discusses the benefits of Genetic Counselling, what the process entails and, crucially, how to approach setting up the first meeting between a genetic counsellor and family.


Fragile X Genetics: Patient information leaflets in different languages

Discusses the role that genetics have in causing Fragile X Syndrome, including an in-depth breakdown of the specific gene affected, and how the condition is inherited.

1. Download leaflet in Arabic

2. Download leaflet in English

3. Download leaflet in Farsi

4. Download leaflet in Gujarati

5. Download leaflet in Punjabi

6. Download leaflet in Urdu

7. Download leaflet in Turkish


Prenatal Testing

Provides information about prenatal testing for Fragile X and its reliability, including how the test is performed, associated risks, and how to interpret the results.


Alternative Formats

We are more than happy to provide alternative formats of any of our resources. Please request the format you need by emailing or filling out our contact form.

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