Opportunities to Take Part in Fragile X Research Studies


The Fragile X Society aims to support research and has so far been involved with over 60 projects and counting! By finding out more about Fragile X Syndrome, we hope that support for people with Fragile X and their families can be improved. On this page, you will find information about the current projects that the Fragile X Society have agreed to support. If you would like to get involved with Fragile X Research, please read the information below to decide whether you would like to take part in these studies. 


If you are a researcher and have a new project to discuss, please read our Research Policy for more information and instructions on how to contact us.


Research Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to share information about research into Fragile X and promote awareness of opportunities to take part. The group is for researchers, families and anyone interested in research into Fragile X Syndrome and the Fragile X premutation.

We regularly post information about all research projects that have been approved by the Fragile X Society Research Committee, enabling group members to interact directly and ask any questions about participation.

Current Research Projects

The latest findings from research projects we have supported, as well as research projects from around the world.