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Fragile X International

We are a founding member of Fragile X International (FraXI). FraXI's vision is as follows:


"We recognise that all people with Fragile X are of equal value and entitled to the same opportunities as everyone else. Our vision is to help those living with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS), Fragile X Premutation Associated Conditions (FXPAC) and their families anywhere in the world enjoy a happy life.

Fragile X International is a network where the power to act is in the hands of those with FX. FX is not a disease but a condition: we will promote social inclusion of FX at all levels of society. We will advocate that those living with FXS and FXPAC should not have to conform to society but society should embrace them for who they are."


Currently, the Chair of the Fragile X Society's Board of Directors, Dr. Kirsten Johnson, is the chair of the Incorporation Board of Fragile X International. We are working with FraXI to further our Society's aims of supporting those with Fragile X and associated conditions, raising awareness and sharing best practice with our international colleagues from Fragile X family organisations around the world.

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