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Case Studies

We are proud of the work we do in supporting individuals and families affected by Fragile X and feel it is important to share case studies which demonstrate the ways in which we have helped our members and others. As the only UK-based charity dedicated to Fragile X, we pride ourselves on providing tailored information and support of the highest quality.


Are you a member and interested in sharing your story and experiences? To get in touch you can complete our contact form, email, or call 01371 875100


Claire's Story

"I felt like there was no one else out there".


Grace's Story

Prior to contacting the Fragile X Society, Grace didn’t know what to expect from her daughter's diagnosis, or how to help her.


Sally's Story

"At first, it felt like a bomb had exploded".


Helen's Story

"You ring the helpline and you feel like you're a part of a big family".


Isabella's Story

"I love my child more than I love myself".


Kathryn's Story

"I can see that the future for the younger generation of Fragile X

is far more positive".


Sarah's Story

"Fragile X individuals can make their mark on the world".

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