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Our family trip to the NFXF Conference, San Diego

Katrina sent us this update and pictures from her family's summer trip to the National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) conference in San Diego, USA

Katrina tells us, 'We were very lucky this year to be able to attend the last day of the Fragile X conference in San Diego. Our sons had a great time dancing and meeting people who all had a connection to Fragile X, we chatted to parents and carers and it was a heart warming experience to be amongst so many people that all want the best for Fragile X.'

Katrina adds, 'Our son Freddy had many melt downs on the way to San Diego, lying down just as we were about to board the plane, lying down at the train station just as we were getting on so his dad and brother got split from us and had to catch another train, shouting at the child on the seats in front of us on the plane for crying!!! Throwing his shoes and socks over his head about 3 rows back and shouting naughty words!!! His sister never wants to travel with us again but she said that last time!!! A roller coaster of a holiday but a very memorable one and we can laugh about it now (just about).


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