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Kim's Marathon Challenge

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Kim is undertaking a virtual half marathon to raise funds and awareness for Fragile X - coinciding with Fragile X Awareness Day on 10 October! Here, she shares her story:

During the first lockdown in March 2020, being unable to play tennis several times a week as usual, I took up running regularly, going out twice a week and gradually building up my distance. I’ve completed two 10k races and was due to take part in the Chester half marathon on September 19th. My training had been going very well and I managed to run 13 miles at the end of July.

However, shortly after that I developed a problem with my left knee and, unfortunately, my training came to a grinding halt for the next month. Fortunately, with rest and exercises my knee is now fine so I am starting to gradually build up my distance again. However, I will not be sufficiently prepared to take part in the main event on September 19th so have transferred my entry to the virtual event which gives me more time as it doesn’t have to be completed until October 17th.

"I am keen to raise money for the Fragile X Society as my family has been, and continues to be, greatly affected by the syndrome. I have a niece and nephew with Fragile X and I myself am a carrier. Our daughter Kate, my brother and his two daughters are also carriers."

If you would like to support Kim, you can do so through her JustGiving page.


Thank you so much, Kim, for sharing your story with us, and for your fantastic fundraising! If you have any stories you want to share, or you would like to get in touch with our Families and Professionals Advisors, you can contact us here.


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