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Hannah's 80km running challenge for Fragile X

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hannah shares her story of her 80km running challenge during Fragile X Awareness month, in memory of her father, Bob

Hello to one and all who take a minute out of their busy lives to read my waffle and hopefully donate to The Fragile X Society in support of my challenge in memory of my daddy, Bob Bouttell. As many of you reading this know, daddy (Bob Bouttell) died in April 2020. At that time the Pandemic was ripping through the world and Lockdown measures were put in place which meant that daddy had a funeral with no attendees and no 'after party' - ok, wake.

Hannah's nephew Tom (left), and dad Bob (right)

Daddy carried a Fragile X Chromosome and suffered from FXTAS. A lot more needs to be done to create an Awareness of Fragile X Syndrome and associated conditions. Please take a moment to visit the website and learn a little about our lives and how Fragile X can challenge us in different ways on different days.

So, the Challenge is what you say? Fragile X Awareness month is the Month of October. Therefore I pledge to run 80km (I normally would run around 40-50 and have had a knee/hip injury, due to hyper extension - thanks Fragile X - in September, so am a bit nervous that I may not be physically able to complete this) throughout this tenth month of the year in memory of me dad and would be grateful if you lovely lot not only donate, but take the time to look on the Fragile X Society website and learn just one fact that you were oblivious to before you started being badgered by moi!

One run within this challenge will include taking part in the Great South Run (16km/10miles) on 17th October with bestest family friend, and daddy's 'fake daughter', Nancy Bassant! I will post updates, evidence (of said kms completed) and photos on my Facebook page throughout October. (Hannah pictured at the finish line of the Great South Run, right).


Hannah has raised an amazing £1,239.44 without gift aid so far! If you'd like to follow Hannah's progress or support her efforts, you can do so via her JustGiving page.


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