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Emily to represent Great Britain in Special Olympics 2023

Louise Clarke shares the exciting news that daughter Emily has been selected to represent Great Britain in tennis at the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023

Louise tells us, 'Emily has always loved watching tennis and was keen to play but it wasn't until 5 years ago that I learned there was a local disability tennis club, York Disability Tennis Network. She's been an active member ever since and plays three times a week. She absolutely loves it and has made some wonderful friends there, it's such a supportive group, the members really look out for each other. Emily has played in many tournaments and has an impressive collection of medals in both doubles and singles.

In November we learned that she'd been selected to represent Great Britain at the Special Olympics in Berlin in June 2023. Whilst feeling understandably nervous about this, Emily feels incredibly honoured to be representing her country. One of her fellow players from York has also been selected as part of the team of four so I know that will be a big help in tackling the nerves, having a friend to share the experience with.

We are so proud of Emily for taking on this challenge. She's already a winner in our eyes.

We couldn't agree more! We wish Emily, and all of Team GB, the very best of luck!



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