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Calling all members in Wales!

Would you like to network with other members and families in Wales?

Here at the Fragile X Society, we want to significantly improve the diagnosis, support and care packages for people with Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and their families in Wales. In addition, if possible, we would like to help set up support groups for you and a network for sharing information and advice on dealing with the sometimes-overwhelming range of challenges that you face.

We recognise that different places within the UK have different health and social care services in place, so we would like to customise our support that we provide to you specifically to meet the needs that you have in Wales.

To do this successfully, we would like to begin by setting up a couple of meetings (one in North Wales, one in the South) to discuss what needs to be done and how we can do it!

Please can you let us know where you would like to meet by emailing Marie Williams if you'd like to meet in South Wales, or Chris or Lois Jones if you would like to meet in the North.

One of the above trustees is likely to telephone you in the next few weeks to give you a further update.

Pete Richardson

Managing Director

Fragile X Society


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