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Calling all members in Northern Ireland!

Would you like to help shape support for Fragile X families in Northern Ireland?

Dear Fragile X Society member,

Do you have anytime free on Friday 10th or Saturday 11th February next year (2023) as I am planning to come across and meet as many of our members in Northern Ireland as possible, with Jan our NI contract lead?

We are very fortunate to have secured a small amount of lottery funding for next year and we are working on the longer-term development of services in NI. We really need your input to help us determine how we can support you, identifying what your key challenges are and how we can use our influence to help you overcome them.

Please email me at and let me know if you will be around. I’ll be hiring a car, so I should be able to put together a schedule which enables Jan and I to meet you close to where you live.

I will share more details with you as responses begin to come back. I look forward to meeting with you.

All the best,


Pete Richardson

Managing Director

Fragile X Society


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