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We need you to help us raise awareness of Fragile X Syndrome all the way around the UK!

We are excited to announce our 2018 FragileXpedition!

What is the FragileXpedition?

We want to mark Fragile X Awareness Day (10th October) and the weeks surrounding it by creating a nationwide buzz. We need to get people talking about Fragile X Syndrome in order to raise awareness and this is where you can really help make a difference.

The FragileXpedition is our annual campaign: a virtual challenge to help us collectively travel 8,026 miles, the equivalent of the entire outline of the UK. It is a big challenge but it’s a great opportunity to raise both funds and awareness for the Fragile X Society in a fun, inclusive way that everyone can take part in. You can walk, run, swim, canoe... in fact, anything goes, as long as it's under your own steam!

What is Fragile X?

Despite approximately 175,000 people in the UK having Fragile X Syndrome or being at risk of Fragile X-Associated conditions, Fragile X is still too often overlooked or misunderstood as a diagnosis. We want to change this and we need your help.

How does it work?

Remember - this is your event; whatever distance you commit to cover by whatever method you choose. Whether it is taking on a new challenge or donating your walk to work, what matters is that you are sharing with others about why you are taking part and talking about Fragile X. We would love you to share your story and talk about your efforts online (remember to use #fragileXpedition), face-to-face, or you could even contact your local newspaper.

Once you have chosen your personal challenge, to create your page by visiting our microsite at and you are ready to go! We just ask you to enter the distance you have travelled (this can be done automatically via fitness apps or Fitbit, or manually) and it is then added to our totaliser, towards our overall goal.

When you open a page you are also able to raise funds for the Fragile X Society. It is not essential to raise sponsorship to take part, but every penny raised will benefit the Fragile X community: enabling us to conduct our work including supporting families across the UK, raising awareness, educating professionals and supporting research.

When you sign up, we will send you your Supporters Pack full of helpful resources and information to help you in your journey to raise awareness, and donations if you choose.

When is it?

We officially launch the event on Monday 20th August and it will run until Wednesday 31st October 2018. The campaign centres around Fragile X Awareness Day on 10th October. You can take part for as little or as long as you like within this time frame and every mile makes all the difference!

Thank you for your support and all the best with your fragileXpedition!

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