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7 Days of Action

This week sees the launch of the 7 Days of Action Campaign, which aims to raise awareness of and bring about change for the people in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs).

ATUs are designed to be short-term secure placements for people with learning disabilities to receive treatment before moving back into the community. However, too often these services are failing those who they are supposed to be supporting, with tragic and sometimes fatal consequences.

Across the UK, 3000 people are being held in an ATU, often many miles away from their families, often for many years at a time.

Like everybody else, the people in these units deserve to be living back home with their families or living in their own homes, with the right support. This is why the Fragile X Society is supporting this campaign.

Some key facts behind the campaign:

  • There are currently 3000 people in ATUs.

  • 43% of the people are in Units more than 50 miles from their homes.

  • 72% are being prescribed anti-psychotic medication as a means of containing them.

  • 30% of people have been in ATUs for more than 5 years.

  • The average cost of being kept in an ATU is £3500 per week.

How to find out more and show your support:

You can contact out support workers if any of these issues affect you or your family: 01371875100;

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