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Logo Reading App: Dr Marcia Braden

What’s it for:

Dr Marcia Braden (educational psychologist with expertise in autism and Fragile X Syndrome) has released a new app. The Logo Reading System uses the visual learning strengths that are associated with Fragile X to promote reading. The app shows logos (which are recognisable and engaging) with the corresponding written words. The logos are then faded out over a series of levels to teach children to recognise the written words. The app also helps to build upon reading using methods including: rhyming words, breaking words down into parts, getting people to match words back to pictures. The Logo Reading System method uses natural learning by association, in a fun way, rather than direct teaching.

How much: £2.49

Which devices: iPhone & iPad (not Android at present)

Review: Alison Evans (Director, Fragile X Society) & Seb (age 12)

“We got the app and Seb liked it - it's a brilliant idea to use logos and I think that was a big part of how Seb learned to read.

The down side is that it is limited in content at present. For instance, there are only six logos used and over the five levels. The repetition is good, but I'd like to see a lot more. The logos in the app are also very American: Walmart, Wendy's, Taco Bell and then KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut. Therefore, it would be good if the content could be expanded, for instance, including or being able to add local shops or restaurants, toy brands or TV shows (including those relevant to us in the UK). The other part is matching words to pictures with a choice of three rhyming words, but again it's limited to just 24 words.”

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