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Online safety

Caroline Pringle, Families and Professionals Advisor for Child Enquiries, shares some tips for keeping your children safe online.

With school holidays fast approaching, children and young people may be having more time to chill on their iPads etc. I appreciate that for many families there is the worry of the best way to support your child online as they start to navigate the internet. How can you do your best to empower them and yet safeguard them from cyberbullying and being scammed?

I just wanted to draw your attention to some useful information that may help. Childnet have a project ‘Thrive-online’, and their resources are free to download covering matters such as healthy relationships, digital wellbeing and online pornography.

There is a really good parents’ guide on internet safety, giving tips on making your home internet safe.

In addition, the Anti Bullying Alliance have worked with children to create videos about online safety where they talk about shopping online, learning new things, accessing games, social networking and keeping in touch with friends. You can find them here. Although the information is aimed at schools to share with pupils, the videos are a good resource for parents too.

They have also produced some useful resources on cyberbullying, with reminders to think before posting photos, keeping passwords safe and making sure you know who you are talking to.

The message throughout to young people is if they are unsure, they need to talk to an adult they can trust.

Tell someone. Ask for help.

I hope this information has been of use.


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