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Kunal's favourite activities

Kunal wanted to share with you some of the things he's enjoyed doing over the last few months.

My name is Kunal. I go out into the community on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with my day service. We go to different places each week such as bowling, mini golf, walks, trips to London, Ongar railway, cinema, zoo and out for lunches.

I’ve also spent a couple of days at a beach hut in the summer and I enjoyed helping out to cook a BBQ for everyone.

I also have the opportunity some weeks to do different arts and crafts and I have used clay. I really enjoy my day service and enjoy having a laugh with everyone. They teach me to be more confident out in the community and help me manage my anxiety, as well as giving me the opportunity to make new friends.

I have a cookery class on Thursday evening where we cook a variety of different meals. I use what I have learnt here to cook meals at home and I really enjoy this.


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