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Kunal's Days Out

Kunal has kindly shared some of the days out he has been on recently and we have enjoyed reading and seeing what a great time he had.

My name is Kunal Panchal. On Thursday my friends and I visited Audley End Gardens and House. We looked inside the house, it has a library with 150 books in it, as well as a gallery with lots of hand painted pictures. We enjoyed our picnic lunch on the benches outside on the grass.

I recently went to visit the Art Trail in Old Leigh, where I saw lots of different pieces of art created by a number of different artists. There was a painting of an old woman which I really liked. I like to joke with my support worker Sophie, that it looks like her.

I have also visited the ‘Herd in the City’ which is based in Southend. There is a trail of 46 large elephant sculptures and 72 baby elephants. On the elephants are lots of different designs like the pier, the arcades, the Sealife centre and even the big wheel.


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