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Introducing Dean, our Virgin Money London Marathon 2021 runner

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We're delighted to share with you that Dean Whitmore will be running on behalf of The Fragile X Society in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2021

Dean Whitmore (above) explains that his cousin, Luke, who has Fragile X, inspired him to run the Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of The Fragile X Society. Dean tells us: "The reason I'm running and why this means so much to me... from growing up an only child after Kelly and Luke's parents passed away, and living with them both over the years, they became more like a brother and sister to me."

"Luke, (pictured left) also known as Lukey Loo, never stops smiling! Whatever happens, no matter if he's feeling poorly or down, he's always got a big, beaming smile for you. When we're out in public sometimes, Lukey can be quite loud and bring attention. I want everyone to know that although Luke has Fragile X, he has the biggest heart and always lights up every room he walks into with his amazing, unique personality."

"Lukey and his sister, Kelly, lost their parents at a young age and have been through so much together but I think you can see from the picture (right) that the bond they have is unbreakable."

Dean has run the marathon before and keeps himself in good shape, but it is still a huge effort for him to both train (especially during this hot summer) and raise funds for the Fragile X community.

Dean adds, "Me trying to raise awareness for Fragile X is just my way of showing them all I’m always going to be here to support them whenever I can. When I'm out fundraising, the first question is always, 'What is Fragile X?' I already feel like I'm raising awareness which is all I need to keep my legs moving when they are aching after training!"


Thank you so much, Dean, for running the marathon for The Fragile X Society. Please do support Dean if you can by donating on his JustGiving page!


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