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Ian saves the day (Don’t try this at home)

Ian tells us why he ended up running a half marathon despite having done no training!

“Anna, my wife, is a family member of the Fragile X Society and a regular runner. For a couple of years now she has been using running events that she enters to raise sponsorship for the Society and to raise awareness.

Having entered the Torbay half marathon that was held in Devon on Sunday 23rd June Anna was very disappointed to damage her ankle and not be able to run in the event. Rather than waste the entry and not attend we decided that I should become substitute and enter for her.

This was not only my first half marathon but my first race ever! Due to us only knowing at short notice that Anna wouldn’t be able to run I had not trained for this distance but was determined to finish. My time was not in her league but I did it in 2 hours and 43 minutes.

As a family we had a good day and enjoyed ourselves knowing we had contributed to a good cause. Anna did still run as she was able to enter the fun run on the day, completing a one mile lap of Paignton Green. So her enthusiasm wasn’t dampened and her injury is on the mend. My legs are also starting to feel normal again! Needless to say, I’m glad I managed to get away with it but running a half marathon without having trained for it is not something I’m advising anyone reading this to do!

Having fragile X within our family we are pleased to play a small part to assist The Fragile X Society in continuing with their good work.”


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