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Freya's Story

Freya has written a lovely story in her own words to help raise awareness about people with learning disabilities.

I’m not less than you.

I have Fragile X but it doesn’t define me, or make me less than anyone else.

My disability isn’t a negative. I’m proud of who I am.

I have a full life, a job, I’m a member of a professional theatre company for neurodivergent people.

My family are the most important people because they are always there for me.

I’m happy most of the time, but sometimes I’m sad. I have good days and bad days. Really I’m just like anyone else.

Just because I have Fragile X doesn’t mean to say I can’t have ambitions.

My goal is to raise awareness about people with learning disabilities and what they can do.

They can work, have friends , they can live independently with support, they can go on holiday.

They can play sport, go to the theatre and go shopping.

Just like anyone else.

Next time you see someone with a learning disability don’t judge them. Have respect for them.

You never know what they will achieve when they follow their dreams!


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