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Face Coverings in Schools

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In Scotland and Northern Ireland face coverings are being worn by pupils over 12 within schools whilst they are in communal areas and moving around the school.

In Wales at the present time the government recommends face coverings in senior schools; local authorities will work with schools and settings to identify areas where face coverings are required.

Now that pupils are starting to go back to school and college in England the government have revised their guidance for face coverings for children over 12. The advice is for face coverings to be used when moving around the schools but they are not needed in the classroom. Young people should know how to put on and remove their face covering safely to reduce any risk of transmitting the virus.

At the present time this guidance is for areas under local lockdown and the need for pupils year 7 and above to wear them. Otherwise, in areas that are not in lockdown, it is at the school's discretion as to whether pupils need to wear them whilst moving around the school.

As mentioned in previous posts there will be some pupils and students who are unable to wear face coverings and although it is not law to have an exemption card, they may feel more at ease if they carry one. Here are some examples from the government website of cards and badges that can be used.


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