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Darcy's 26 Hour 2.6 Tent Challenge

Darcy stayed in a tent in her garden for 26 hours, to raise money for The Fragile X Society in a 2.6 Challenge. Whilst there, she also undertook a number of other 2.6 themed challenges, including 260 Russian twists, 26 push ups, a 26 word poem and a maths quiz where all the answers added up to 26!

Read more about Darcy's 2.6 challenge and support her efforts here.

The Fragile X Society adds, 'Thank you, Darcy, for your fantastic fundraising and for participating in the 2.6 Challenge. We are so grateful for your support.'

See more of our fantastic 2.6 challenge fundraisers here! So far, our 2.6 Challengers have raised over £3000! You can find out more here, or visit to donate or sign up for your challenge.


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