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Connor's 2.6 Challenge Run and Ride

Connor Evans, age 12, decided to take part in the 2.6 challenge on Sunday 26th April 2020, to try and raise money for The Fragile X Society. His mission was to run 2.6 miles, followed by a 26 mile bike ride along the outskirts of Leicestershire. On Sunday morning, Connor prepared for his run and set off. When he came back, red faced and dripping with sweat, it was quite obvious he had put everything into it. He looked at his phone, to stop the Strava recording and he quickly realised, it didn't record his run. Instant tears streamed down his face. So upset and angry that he couldn't show the world his efforts and how much this meant to him, within minutes, Strava was on and Connor was gone. He was doing this for his cousins, 2.6 miles for each of them. There was no option.

Upon his return, Connor prepared for the next stage...the bike ride. Starting to feel a little tired, having never run 5.2 miles before, he mopped his brow, gulped the last of his water and off he went. Grit and determination set in and Connor achieved and exceeded his goal of cycling 26miles around the county of Leicestershire. Whilst taking in the sights, he passed by the LCFC stadium and visited the memorial garden. Connor respectfully pays tribute in silence, remembering a man with a dream. A man who believed. A man who never gave up. This emotional reminiscent moment, gave Connor the drive and energy to get back on the saddle and race to the end. Connor is a fox and foxes never quit!

Throughout the day, updates and pictures were made on his JustGiving webpage, allowing people to support, follow and sponsor him on his journey.

In total he raised £556. Way beyond anything he ever expected.

Connor's Mum, Cherie, adds, 'We are extremely proud of Connor's efforts during such a difficult time. He can look back at this and know that he really did do something truly wonderful.'


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