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Changes to the benefits system in Scotland

Information for our families in Scotland from Caroline Pringle and Jane Oliver, Families and Professionals Advisors

The benefits system is undergoing some changes in Scotland. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Disabled Living Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance are transferring to the Scottish government and will now be paid by Social Security Scotland (SSS).

In addition DLA is being replaced by Child Disability Payment and PIP is being replaced by Adult Disability Payment. There should be no change to the amount of benefit you receive. There have been pilot roll outs in different areas across Scotland for new claims.

In terms of adults the Scottish government website says as of June 2022 existing awards of PIP and DLA will transfer automatically from the DWP to SSS. The transfer will be in stages and is expected to finish by June 2025. Adults in receipt of PIP and DLA will not have to make an application for Adult Disability Payment. This also applies to children in receipt of DLA.

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