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Additional Learning Needs Framework for Wales

Caroline Pringle, our Families and Professionals Advisor for Child Enquiries, shares an update on the Welsh education system

There is new statutory guidance called the Additional Learning Needs Code for Wales 2021. This guidance explains the ALN (Additional Learning Needs) framework that will gradually be phased in to replace the present SEN (Special Educational Needs) system. The new system will be fully in place by 2024 so it will depend on where you child is in the transfer process; therefore, they could still receive support under the old system up until the deadline of summer 2024.

Children newly identified as needing support for additional learning will receive support via the new ALN framework and this support will be implemented through an Independent Development Plan (IDP).

School Action/Action Plus will end in January 2022 when this will move to the ALN framework.

Statements will continue until they can be replaced by an IDP.

You can access more information here.


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