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“Sometimes I get asked to do something, but I just can’t get myself organised. I often find I haven’

Hi Girls,

Something I’ve noticed is that sometimes when we humans feel like something is “work”, or even call it “work”, we automatically think it’s something that is going to take a lot of energy, be boring, and be a challenge to get through, so of course we get distracted.

Therefore, the first step is to try not to think of organising as “work”. Organising can be super fun, and there are lots of really cute ways to do it (do a search online for some cool ideas!).

The second step is to separate out whatever you are organising in one pile or one list (if it’s ideas you are trying to organise) and then put a container or folder to organise into (or a “finished” column of your list) across from it. Slowly move things from the pile to the container, folder or “finished” column. As soon as your brain starts seeing the “things that are not organised yet” pile get smaller, the more relieved you will feel.

The third step is to add a “double check” step to anything that you have to do that is for someone else or that someone else will grade or evaluate. Challenge yourself to make three to five changes to your work to make it even better before you turn it in. This will help you have fewer errors, and turn in better work!

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