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“I get worried that people don’t like me” “I’m worried that I’m not good enough”. “I get upset about

Hi Girls,

The first thing to remember is that everyone has thoughts like this. It’s kind of a funny thing about being human— we want to connect with other humans, and we hope they want that, too so that we can make friends and new families. It can be helpful to remind yourself that just like hearing a noise and getting startled, because you don’t know if you’re body is safe, worrying about being liked is just your brain getting startled because it doesn’t know if your emotions are safe.

The second thing to remember is that because feeling this way is so human and typical, there is no reason to be hard on yourself for having these thoughts. Being worried is very annoying, yes, but make sure you forgive yourself for not always feeling your best.

The third thing to remember is that you, as you already are, are enough. You are already a wonderful person with a lot to offer, you are already someone working hard to get even better every day, and you are already worthy of love, appreciation, and respect. Yes, some things are easier for other people, which is frustrating, but the fact that you know what’s challenging for you, means you definitely can think of just as many things you’re really good at, too. Try spending some time thinking about those things, too!

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