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Virgin Money London Marathon 2021

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

"The Fragile X Society is delighted to have secured a place at this year's (2021) Virgin Money London Marathon to take place on Sunday 3 October 2021. As a Society, we want to ensure that we can maximise the impact of this opportunity both in terms of fundraising and raising public awareness of Fragile X and its associated conditions; so, we need to ensure that you are able to both support the Society and (fingers crossed) complete the course!

We are looking for an individual with the determination to train and take part in this amazing challenge and raise the maximum amount of sponsorship to exceed our minimum pledge of £2,000. Our single charity ballot place is free to the chosen participant and all that we ask is that you commit to the event and the minimum fundraising pledge.

We want to feel confident in your fitness, experience and ability to complete the marathon safely and successfully. Don’t worry if this is your first marathon as we are not assuming seasoned marathon experience, but we will need to see that you are aware of the challenge and the training involved.

We will need to be convinced of your experience in this field and also an understanding of how you would approach the fundraising challenge. Would it be funded by one big event that you are organising or are you planning a succession of smaller fundraising activities? Do you have the promised support of your employer or perhaps your family will help with the fundraising?

With these thoughts in mind, if you are interested in taking this place, please fill in the form here (or download a paper version here and return it to us) by the closing date Friday 14th May.

The successful applicant will be allocated a place in the London Marathon 2021 based on the strength of their application, involving both their experience and fitness level, coupled with their fundraising feasibility (as judged by The Fragile X Society) and will be contacted after Wednesday 19th May 2021.

The chosen runner must then confirm their acceptance of the offered place before 5pm on Friday 28th May or the place may be offered to another applicant.

In the meantime, if you are a really keen runner and fundraiser, please do go ahead and apply directly to the London marathon as well in your own name. This will maximise your chances of being able to run and support the Fragile X Society."


Pete Richardson, Managing Director

Applications for our marathon place are now open! If you would like this place, please apply online here.


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