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The end of term and transition to a new school or classroom

from Caroline Pringle, Families and Professionals Advisor (Child Enquiries)

As the end of term fast approaches parents are thinking of the summer holidays ahead with some trepidation; it is yet another transition and change of routine for your child. Having dealt with school closures during the pandemic and then a half term break, it is now preparing your child for being home for up to 6 weeks.

There will then be the preparation for the transition back to school in the autumn term to possibly a new classroom and for some it may be the move to senior school.

Transition from one environment or activity to another can cause high levels of anxiety for a child with fragile x. With the move from primary school to senior school most settings will have produced a transition plan for your child and given them introductory visits to their new school. This gave them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings but now they must deal with a long break before they start there.

I am aware that some schools provided photos when going back at the autumn term of a child’s new desk, coat hook etc and most importantly of their new teacher. However, within some primary settings pupils (and families) are not informed of the new teacher until a few days before the end of term, so it can all be a little rushed for them. Therefore, you as a parent may have to take a few photos (obviously with permission) before the end of term.

I appreciate that some schools have already started their holidays and my apologies for not informing you before, but I have only just been made aware of these resources from Reachout ASC:

These are very useful resources that you could perhaps share with school before the end of term if time allows.

Change is difficult to process and with the summer holidays ahead, it is choosing the right time to share and remind your child of all the information. It may be just a few days before is the best time, but for others it will be preparation throughout the holiday especially if getting new uniform, getting measured for school shoes etc.

As I am sure you found, a good routine was still important for your child even if at home during lockdown. So visual aids such as schedules may still be a useful resource for the daily activities in the holidays to enable your child to know what is going to happen next. Therefore, please don’t forget to link to our other blogs covering Visual Aids and social stories Using Social Stories from Early Years to Adulthood (part 1). I am more than happy to support you with visual prompts and social stories tailored to your own child’s needs.

Please get in touch if I can help you further,


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