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Supermarket Shopping: please sign our letter!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Pete Richardson, Managing Director

“I’m sure that many of you will have had your own particular frustrations and challenges during this lockdown period. Our team here have been working hard to ensure that your views as Fragile X Society members are heard and taken into account by key policy makers and influential people within organisations that provide frontline services. In conjunction with other charities, we have helped to write this letter to supermarkets to help ensure that the services that they provide meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, their families and carers. In particular, we have reflected that the current queuing system operated by many of the leading supermarket chains can increase anxiety and cause difficulties for you.

I recognise that Supermarkets themselves have had to adapt very quickly to Coronavirus and the need for social distancing to help ensure everybody’s safety, so this letter isn’t meant to be a criticism of them but its intention is to give supermarket managers and staff a clearer understanding of our needs and the opportunity to make appropriate changes that will benefit you.

Over the coming months we will all need to continue to change and adapt our behaviour to cope for the restrictions that Coronavirus has caused us. With this in mind, please do share your stories and concerns with me so that here the Fragile X Society staff can continue to exert influence on your behalf to make the current and ongoing situation more bearable.”


Pete Richardson, Managing Director

Sign our letter to supermarkets here!


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