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Fighting for Fragile X: Pete's Boxing Match

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

At some stage, every one of you will have had to gear up and fight for what you need. Fighting for recognition. Fighting for resources. Fighting for Fragile X.

Nothing is ever handed to you on a plate. From securing a diagnosis, accessing appropriate additional help and finding a supportive and nurturing environment, there always seems to be a battle somewhere along the line… Since joining the Fragile X Society, I’ve seen how hard everyone works, how much you have supported each other and have much effort you put into fundraising and keeping the community (and the Fragile X Society going). And now I’m ‘throwing my hat into the ring’.

On the 20th November this year, in front of 500-600 people at Suffolk Show Ground, I will be taking part in a charity boxing match to raise funds for Fragile X. Full contact. No pulling punches. I will be literally ‘fighting for Fragile X’!

This requires undertaking a gruelling training programme for 6 days a week and learning to take punches and come back for more. And more. But it will all be worthwhile, if I can create some publicity for the Fragile X Society and raise funds. Any funds that are raised will help the Society to keep providing helpline services, upgrade our information resources (so everything that we give you will be based on the very latest evidence and research). If we do really well, we can put funding towards an event for you all to meet up next year.

Please do sponsor me on the link below. I’m happy to pay for all the training and equipment myself, so every penny raised will go to the Fragile X Society!

Your generosity will not only help the us to raise funds but hopefully this can be an event which captures the imagination too and really helps us promote Fragile X. Thank you! Pete PS. please do continue to give your support to all our other fundraisers who are going out there running, swimming, and climbing mountains. A huge effort by you all!


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