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Jess runs the London Marathon

Jessica Bolton has secured a place in this year's London Marathon, and has chosen to raise funds for the Fragile X Society. Here, she tells us what inspired her to get involved!

Jess tells us, '‘I’m running the London Marathon on Sunday 2 October and raising money for the Fragile X Society because my lovely cousin Cameron has Fragile X and I am a genetic carrier. There isn’t much info out there about Fragile X, but the charity has been a fantastic source of advice and support. I have only ever run a half marathon before, and am quite nervous at the thought of doing twice the distance!!

But I am determined to get to the finish line and raise money to help the Fragile X community.’

If you would like to support Jess's fundraising, here is the link to her JustGiving page.

A young woman and man looking towards the camera
Jess and her cousin, Cameron, who has Fragile X

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