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We need your videos for International Fragile X Awareness Day!

For International Fragile X Day on 10 October, FraXI is creating a new video. We are asking you to send us a short video clip about what Fragile X represents for you.

The video will have an international aspect with representations from Fragile X families living in many countries so it will be very exciting and you can make your submission as fun as you would like. These videos you send in will be compiled into one video which will be put on our website and communicated on FraXI’s social media.

The details for the technical spec are as follows:

  • Topic: One person or a group. You can show a sign with one or two words or say a few words. It must be about what Fragile X represents for you.

  • Duration: 10-15 sec max. Short is good

  • File type: files should be MOV, MP4 or MPEG

  • Format: landscape only, no portrait

  • Frame: not to be filmed too close, as we may edit the videos for different social networks format.

The deadline to collect videos is on September 20th

You can use the following hashtags in your video if you would like to:

When you are sending in your video please include these details:

  • the first name of the people on the video

  • the city and country

  • if you show a sign or speak in your national language, we need the translation in English

  • please confirm your authorization for the video to be edited and shared on social media including twitter and Facebook (very important)

Videos should be sent by email to Brendan or myself and if you have any questions please email us.

We would like to remind you to follow FraXI on Twitter @FraXI_FragileX and Facebook @FragileXInternational and like/share any posts especially around the upcoming International Fragile X Awareness Day.

Thanks so much and we look forward to receiving your videos.

FraXI Communications Committee


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