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Fragile X Syndrome and Adulthood: Talk by Dr Andy Stanfield

We were delighted to welcome Dr Andy Stanfield (Patrick Wild Centre, University of Edinburgh) to speak at our 2019 Fragile X Conference at the University of Birmingham Medical School. Adults with Fragile X Syndrome have too often been overlooked in research into the condition. In this talk, Dr Stanfield gives an overview of the research as well as practical and clinical experience of working with older people with Fragile X Syndrome.

Dr Andrew Stanfield is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities at the University of Edinburgh. He is also an Honorary Consultant in the Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities in Edinburgh.

For videos of all the talks from our 2019 Fragile X Conference, visit the Playlist on our YouTube Channel.


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