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Dasha runs the London Marathon

Dasha Gold has secured a place in this year's London Marathon, and has chosen to raise funds for the Fragile X Society. Here, she tells us what inspired her to get involved!

My biggest running dream over the past 15 years was to run London Marathon. I tried for a ballot place so I can choose to raise money for a small charity of my choice. I was given this opportunity this year with only 8 weeks' notice.

So, it is going to be tough but I am determined to finish and enjoy the day.

I decided to raise money for Fragile X Society as I was diagnosed as a carrier. I have a beautiful nephew and 2 nieces with Fragile X Syndrome. Over the recent years my dad had FXTAS symptoms and unfortunately passed away last month and therefore supporting Fragile X is close to my heart.

If you are able to support Dasha's efforts, here is the link to her JustGiving page:

Dasha pictured with her nieces and nephew, above


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