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Coach Deno's Lockdown 30th Birthday

Jo shares son Dennis' (Coach Deno's) 30th birthday celebrations in lockdown

Coach Deno's birthday was in June. His birthday always has a theme; this time, it was the 'lockdown'.

The velvet sponge with strawberry and butter cream filling was baked by Dennis himself, he raised a toast to remember his granddad's 30th death anniversary, to thank Fragile X Society on their 30th anniversary for their support, guidance and having the highest number of views for his article.

His favourite dishes were prepared, Pasta cheese bake, blackberry and green apple cobbler sprinkled with almond flakes, mango chunk smoothie, samosa and chickpea and red onion salad.

Don’t miss the juice dispenser Jars (see picture above), he shopped for them, measured the portion of juice and water to prepare the drink, wrote on the little black label in front of the jar, added the correct amount of ice without any help.

He was not pleased with family members singing,” Happy Birthday to you”. He wanted to know how old he was and when we said 20 years old, he said "30 is too much". All these years he has been 16 or 1!

Dennis loves using his birthday gifts (Multifunctional Handheld Round Divider Watermelon Cutter and

Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer and Wedger), and shopping for, preparing and serving these fruits.

“Eat healthy and drinking plenty” is his COVID resolution.


The Fragile X Society adds, 'Thank you, Jo and Coach Deno, for sharing your birthday celebrations with us'.


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