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Anna's fundraiser for The Fragile X Society

We would like to say a massive thank you to Anna, Pippa & Daisy.  Girls this is such an amazing achievement, and we are all so proud of you not just for supporting and raising awareness for Fragile X but for your own personal accomplishment. 

Here is Anna's Story:-

"My name is Anna and I am 12 years old. My brother Archie has Fragile X Syndrome, the full mutation. He is 16 and our family has gained a lot of support and information from the Fragile X Society over the years to help us and Archie with his day-to-day challenges. I'd like to give something back to help the Society with their valuable work. So along with two friends (Pippa 12 & Daisy 13 years old), we are going to challenge ourselves by doing the biggest hike we've ever done, unaccompanied and carrying all our own camping gear!"

Here are some pictures of the girls on their adventures.


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