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Vishna's Gift

"Vishna is a very kind and loving individual, who is always thinking of other people. In the past Vishna has done fundraising for the Fragile X Society by doing all sorts of amazing things: selling handmade cards, and even running an awareness session at Champneys Spa!

Over the past years, Vishna has been saving money which she has been gifted for Diwali, Christmas and her birthday. Vishna generously chose to donate the incredible amount she saved, £1500, to the Fragile X Society! This donation supported our recent Family Weekend Conference. In particular, it enabled SpecialYoga to attend to run workshops aimed at people with Fragile X Syndrome and their parents, teaching them practical skills to manage anxiety.

Vishna wanted to make this donation as a thank you to the Board of Trustees, the staff, volunteers and Specialist Advisors for all of their hard work and support. Without their dedication, a lot of the Fragile X community would feel isolated, be unable to access information about the latest research and not have access to the helpline run by our Families and Professionals Advisors."

We were proud to acknowledge this kind gift with a special award at the Family Weekend Conference. “We are so moved and absolutely delighted that Vishna chose to make this kind donation, and it has been put to great use for others living with Fragile X. A huge thank you from all of us!”- Becky Hardiman, CEO

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