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Apart from reading our extensive literature covering many aspects of Fragile X, you may also be interested in the following resources.


The book “Educating Children with Fragile X Syndrome” was written in association with The Fragile X Society.  It benefits from the expertise of an international field of researchers whose variety of perspectives contributed to a unique multi-professional approach which resulted in a range of important topics being covered.


Book “Educating Children with Fragile X Syndrome”

The details are as follows: Publishers: Routledge Falmer, ISBN: 0-415-31488-7

The 5 sections in the book provide information for teachers, parents and all professionals who are involved in the teaching and care of children and adults with fragile X as follows:

  • The child with Fragile X

  • Education issues

  • Education strategies

  • Development, behaviour and psychology

  • Family and social matters


You may buy this book (physical copy or for the Kindle) from Amazon, the cost is in the region of £30.00 

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Video Series: Understanding Fragile X Syndrome

We are proud to share our series of videos about Fragile X Syndrome, which were created thanks to a Jeans for Genes Grant. These videos, as well as others, are available via our YouTube channel.