Fragile X Syndrome : Our Booklets


Our booklets give in-depth information about various aspects of Fragile X.  Specific areas are covered in even greater detail by our publication papers.  If you do not have access to a printer and would like to obtain paper copies of any of our literature then please contact the office.

Fragile X Syndrome: An Introduction


This booklet explains the genetics of Fragile X and the importance of genetic counselling; the learning behaviour and relationship difficulties associated with Fragile X and how these difficulties may be helped; the different problems girls and women may experience and the physical features associated with the syndrome. 

An Easy Read Guide to Fragile X Syndrome for Parents


This booklet is an Easy Read Guide to how children are affected by Fragile X with some practical tips for management, with sections on the cause of Fragile X, communication and Fragile X, learning and Fragile X, behaviour in children with Fragile X, sensory issues, and girls with Fragile X. 

Fragile X Syndrome: An Introductory Guide to Educational Needs and how they can be met


This booklet explains the effect Fragile X has on a person's ability to learn, with some practical tips about how to work with an individual with Fragile X in an educational setting. 


There are sections on speech language and communication; sensory issues; eye contact; effects on learning and characteristics affecting classroom management; behaviour; social difficulties and special difficulties experienced by girls.  


An Easy Read Guide: 'I Have Fragile X Syndrome'


This publication looks at various aspects of Fragile X, providing an overview of its characteristics.  It also includes some practical strategies for managing anxiety, making friends, meeting people, and learning. 


It is the only easy read document on Fragile X Syndrome currently available worldwide. 


Scottish Services Route Map


This Route Map is a guide to services available for newly diagnosed Fragile X families in Scotland.


This booklet was written in partnership with a group of Fragile X families based in Scotland.  We hope it will provide more detailed information on the following: key facts about Fragile X Syndrome, symptoms and behaviours caused by Fragile x, online information sources, diagnosis, reproductive choices, behaviour management, speech and language therapy (SLT), occupational therapy (OT), education, building a support network, advocacy services and more