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Virgin Money London Marathon

We are absolutely delighted that Dean Whitmore completed the London Marathon on behalf of the Fragile X Society. Well done Dean!


Dean had some really tough challenges in training (having picked up an injury) but he clearly overcame a huge obstacle and succeeded beyond anything that we could have expected…It’s hard enough to run when you are at your peak, but to do it as Dean did is truly astonishing!


We can’t thank Dean enough for all his efforts – not just for running in the event but for fundraising too. Dean stated:


Wow, it’s been emotional to get through this challenge. Thank you so much for giving me the honour of running for your great Charity. I just hope the pains and aches stop sooner than later!

Dean Whitmore explained that his cousins, Luke (who has Fragile X) and Kelly, inspired him to run the Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of The Fragile X Society. Dean tells us:

The reason I'm running and why this means so much to me....from growing up an only child after Kelly and Luke's parents passed away, and living with them both over the years, they became more like a brother and sister to me.

- Dean Whitmore

Thank you so much, Dean...


...for running the Marathon for The Fragile X Society. Please do support Dean if you can by donating on his JustGiving page.

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