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“I know I take things too literally and I don’t understand what is expected of me.”

Hi Girls,

That’s definitely going to happen sometimes, seeing that your brain is trying really hard to make sense of a busy, confusing world all the time.

My best advice is that after someone gives you a new instruction (maybe about something you’ve never been asked to do before) repeat back to them what you think you heard, and try to point out the part of the expectation that seems off to you. For example “Oh, so you want me to put this big box up here on top of the smaller boxes? Won’t that be too heavy?” Also, if you don’t know what’s expected of you, ask! A great way to get used to doing this is to find a phrase that you can memorise and use every time you don’t understand. For example, if you’re stuck standing around, you can ask “How can I help?”, “Do you need anything?”, or “What should I do next?” It also might be a good idea to request some feedback from others about if you’re doing something correctly if you’re ever unsure. Phrases that can do that are “Is this right?”, “Do it like this?” or “Let me know if I should do this differently”.

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