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Community Fundraising

As a relatively small charity with a national reach that doesn’t receive any statutory funding, we need to raise both funds and awareness. We therefore depend heavily on community fundraising from individuals and groups. Community fundraising activities can range from cake sales and supermarket bag packing, to Rotary Club Christmas sleighs and for the really energetic, mountain climbing, charity boxing and running marathons – and probably everything imaginable in between!


How We Support You

Perhaps the biggest benefit of community fundraising is that it can be as big or small, as loud or quiet, or as challenging or easy as you wish to make it. After all, it is your event!   

But the extra good news is that we are here to support you to make it the best it can be. We can help with fundraising ideas, fundraising packs, sponsor forms and general guidance of good practice.   


Organising your own fundraising event is both great fun and rewarding too, knowing that you really have made a difference by fundraising for a charity as vital as the Fragile X Society. 


Our charity is unique, essential and impactful – but we need your support. For fundraising support and further information on how you can help the Fragile X Society, please contact or call 01371 875100.

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