Fragile X Tweet Chats

We are organising online tweet chats as an easy way to discuss issues relating to Fragile X. If you're new to twitter or want to know about how to take part in the chat, read our handy guide!


Tuesday 1st September. 8.30pm BST


WeLDNurses are a group of Learning Disability Nurses who regularly meet online to discuss lots of different topics relating to learning disability. We are really excited to be guest hosting one of their regular chats, to discuss health and behavior issues relating to Fragile X Syndrome, along with special guest Professor Jeremy Turk (@TurkJeremy2). You can join in or following the chat using the hashtag #WeLDNs. 


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We held our first twitter chat on 30th April 2015 and were delighted to have so may people join us. It was a fantastic opportunity for people from lots of different backgrounds to discuss behaviour associated with Fragile X.  Fragile X Syndrome is the most common inherited cause of learning disability, meaning that it is important for those to understand and recognise characteristics of fragile X.


Taking part in the chat from the Fragile X Society were: Professor Gaia Scerif (Fragile X researcher from the university of Oxford: @GaiaScerif), Steve Harris (Fragile X Society chairman and step-father to an adult man with Fragile X: @SteveJHarris) and Becky Hardiman (Fragile X researcher and CEO of the Fragile X Society: @Rebecca_Lyndsey, @fragilexuk). A transcript of the chat is included below. Topics discussed included: challenging behaviour, repetitive speech, interventions and autistic-like behaviour.


We will post about future chats here and on our social media. Remember,meanwhile you can contact us any time!