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Kunal's Story - "How Fragile X Affects My Life..."

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Who I am My name is Kunal. I am a 29 year old man. I have Fragile X Syndrome. This affects my life in lots of ways.

What is Fragile X? Fragile X Syndrome causes learning disabilities. It is inherited. All different types of people have Fragile X. People didn't realize the problems that Fragile X can cause until 1977.

How does Fragile X affect my life?

  • I have a short attention span.

  • I can be easily distracted.

  • I am restless and can rush around.

  • I don't like waiting for things.

  • I sometimes have difficulty understanding other people's points of view.

  • I find it difficult to cope when it is busy. I can get upset and angry.

  • I repeat words and expressions. I don't always know what these mean.

  • I copy expressions that make people laugh.

  • I can be really enthusiastic about things.

  • I will work very hard at something I enjoy.

How to help me cope

  • I need tasks broken down into 15 minute segments. This helps me to concentrate better.

  • I need to have a quiet area to go without much noise or things going on.

  • I need people to understand how Fragile X affects my life. They need to support me according to my needs. This is called a 'person centered approach'.

Thank you for reading my story.


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