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As you will see in other areas of this website, the Society maintains a comprehensive collection of information relating to all aspects of Fragile X.  A large, representative sample of these papers are available to download from this website, but there are many more papers for those who need to access very detailed or some of our older papers covering Fragile X Syndrome.


The easiest way to obtain a list of the entire set of papers is to download our Publications List and Order Form.  Please note that whereas many of our papers are free for our members , we do charge for some of our publication papers and booklets; these charges are minimal and represent the reproduction costs incurred by the Society. 


The publications list comprises a number of sections, and although the "Publications Papers" page  shows the majority of these sections, the list also has sections which can be used to request papers about :


  • Fragile X: Getting to Know us Guides

  • Wills and Trusts

  • Miscellaneous Papers, such as information about "Gift Aid" and "Fund Raising Guide", Car Harnesses, etc.

  • The Society's Annual Report



For further information about the contents of any of our literature please contact our Families and Professionals Advisors by phone (see the number above) or by email or by contacting them via this website.