Fragile X Groups Overseas

We are a proud member of the International Fragile X Alliance a network of organisations dedicated to: 

  • information exchange for existing national family associations/groups

  • guidance in the formation of new national associations/groups

  • better help for families already diagnosed with Fragile X through new and more effective organisations

  • sharing experiences to improve the ability of clinicians to make the proper diagnosis and treatment of Fragile X

  • helping to establish comprehensive and consistent standards for clinical care, therapies and treatment

  • enhancing education and training for families and professionals who are affected by and/or interested in Fragile X

The IFXA website has a list of organisations around the world. If you would like to find out more about Fragile X support in a particular country, contact us and we will reach out through our networks to help you! 

We are also proud, founding members of the European Fragile X Network. To find out more, visit the EFXN website