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A great way to 'meet' other individuals and families living with Fragile X is to join our private facebook group (called: The Fragile X Society). The group is aimed at people with Fragile X Syndrome or carrier conditions (Fragile X Premature Ovarian Failure or Fragile X Tremor Associated Ataxia) and their families. You can request access to the group by answering some brief questions about your interest in Fragile X, which will be reviewed by the group admins. It is a place to connect with others, share experiences and seek advice. Although it is the Facebook page of the UK charity, we welcome members from all over the world.

The group is an active community of people sharing experience and seeking advice. The group is monitored by our Families and Professionals Advisors as well as other members of the team, in order to ensure the group is a safe place to share, as well as providing support and input where required.

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